Lesson learned…

Result for whether or not I learned that it is possible for me to survive two weeks of night shifts: Inconclusive

So I didn’t actually have to do the second week of nights! The ward was really short staffed on days so when I went in to work for my one day shift before my nights started they asked could I swap to days to try and even out the playing field. Of course I jumped at the chance! Who wouldn’t?! So no, I didn’t find out if it is possible for me to survive two weeks of nights.

I did learn that my VCD won’t play fair if I’m stressed though. I’ve definitely had a jam packed, crazy couple of weeks. There’s been plenty of fun had, but a fair amount of stress too. The result of that lesson was a 5 day stay in hospital following a MET call on my ward when I was in work and a 24 hour stay in ITU. Completely unexpected. I normally start feeling run down, or having little mini episodes for a while leading up to a bad spell. This time 0 symptoms to 100% sick 10 times faster than normal. And once I felt like I’d had enough it didn’t slow down. Thought I was pretty much aware of what was going on, but I’m finding out that the 20 minutes I am aware of is only a small part of the 2 hour drama that unravelled at work. Feeling extra grateful for the people that were on shift and helped me out or helped out others so they could help me. They’ll probably never forgive me, I’m gonna have to start baking cakes to take to work regularly to keep people sweet!!

I think it may have finally sunk in though that I need to stop and sort out my VCD whenever it starts to flare up, even just the little ones that I can sort “on the go”. I should probably take 2 minutes to stop and sort myself out, rather than risk carrying on and taking 2 weeks to recover instead. A hard pill to swallow when you’re as stubborn as I am. But I’m working on listening to people, especially if they know me as well as I think I know my VCD. They can see and hear what is going on, they pretend I can fool them, but I know that they’re just as clued up about things as I am. Time to stop being a control freak?! Maybe…

I thought I had gotten the hang of it all, and that I knew my limits of how far I can go, but then life throws in a curve ball, things happen way faster than normal and sometimes you land yourself on ITU wondering what on earth happened and how it got so far so fast.

So I’m gonna draw a line under that admission, lessons learned, I’ll be more weary now but hopefully never need to use the lessons because this is the time that it never happens again!!!….?