5 years…

5 years, 35 admissions, 3 hospitals, 7 NIV unit stays, 6 HDU admissions and 4 stints on ITU since my first admission with my asthma/VCD. What a rollercoaster!

Last years big change was that I quit my job to see if it would have a dramatic improvement on my health. It kind of worked, I still got sick, but I stayed home in bed and avoided hospital a lot more than I usually did!

This years big change??? I got my job back 😀 I have never been so happy to go to work in my life. Being back and seeing people more regularly has brought it back how much I hated leaving, and I remember how great I had life getting my dream job on HDU straight out of uni. I work with some of the best people. I absolutely love being back, and I certainly won’t be taking it for granted.

I guess the best change this past year has been how long I managed to stay hospital free. It was about 10 months with no asthma/VCD hospital admissions. As soon as I quit my job last May, my treatment plans changed really quickly, and the change in my health was noticeable pretty early on. I do think working bank shifts had an effect on my health too, as I said earlier, if I was sick I just didn’t work. I took time off, and even though I was still really unwell at times, I guess staying in bed is a much better way to get better than dragging myself out of bed to carry on with life.

That said, in the weirdest way, work has helped me stay healthy the last few weeks for sure! This crazy hot weather, the really high pollen counts, and the fires that have been going on around the area haven’t effected me as much as they should have. Getting up and being in work early away from the fires, the heat, the pollen, and staying there until the day starts to cool off, and then heading home and staying indoors has really helped me. I notice on the drive home from work, with the windows down (UDiv doesn’t have air con) that I start sneezing as I get closer to home. I notice on my days off if I stay out in the sun, or I’m driving around near home, that it definitely has an effect on how I feel.

So being 4 weeks back into work and being admitted for 3 days isn’t going to knock me, I don’t blame working for this bump in the road, and I’m pretty happy that I will beat my winning streak of 10 months this time. I can’t believe last year I was saying 8 weeks hospital free was a major achievement, and 12 months later it is 10 months! Crazy. Now imagine how exciting it would be if I get to 4th July 2019 and have no more admissions?! It can be done…watch this space!

In the last 12 months I have been to Rome, went camping, a weekend in Haven, took so many photos, British pageant take 2, FSY Health counsellor, caravan trips, Jessica’s pool party, Clay shooting, Baked cakes, threw a Dr Seuss baby shower, Friends Bridal shower, saw one of my best friends get engaged, was Maid of Honour at her wedding, became an Aunty to 4 and have loved seeing Arthur grow and the other kiddies love him more and more, Scotland trip, Stonehenge, London Temple, Harry Potter weekend, Charlotte’s baptism, got my job back, was at a solemn assembly when we sustained our new Prophet, got a new car, got a crazy new puppy and so much more!

It’s been a great 12 months, and I’ve not taken them for granted. It was difficult at times, and the best of fun at others. I feel like I’ve had some massive highs this past year mixed in with some major stress, some life changing decisions, and some wonderful memories. Life is never plain sailing but I am so grateful for the life I have, for the experiences I get to have, for the wonderful friends and family I am blessed with. And I’m so grateful for improved health and a second shot at my dream job.

2018/2019 will be no different I’m sure!


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