2018 week 1!

This week has been a good week for the Cain family! Definitely a great start to 2018.

We didn’t start the New Year off together, Richard was in the Isle of Man, I was in a hotel in Wigan with friends, Mum and Dad had stayed home to see in the New Year and Nicky and her family stayed up to see midnight in their home.

Tuesday was a great family day. We got Oliver, Charlotte and Jessica for the day, and Mum, Dad, the boys, Christine, Lily and I all went to Southport to let the kids play in the penny arcade. They all had a great time playing on the games and winning some tickets, followed by food and then home.

Charlotte cashed in her Christmas present from me which was a pamper day using all the pamper things I got her for Christmas. We started off with a nice warm Lush bath, followed by foot spas, facials and nails. She loves a bit of one on one time so I think she enjoyed herself!

We finally got Richard home after a windy few days delaying his boat sailing home from the Isle of Man! Thankfully he was back in time for the weekend of fun!

Saturday was Charlotte’s 8th birthday. Turning 8 is a big deal to Mormons. It’s what we call the age of accountability, when a child reaches the age were they can choose right from wrong, and when they become responsible for their actions. Because this is the age of accountability, 8 year olds (and over) can choose to be baptised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a lovely day surrounded by so many family and friends. My Mum and I were giving talks at her baptism service and so we sat on the stand and could see just how many people were trying to find seats in our little ward! Charlotte loved her day, and it was great seeing her Dad baptise her and all of her Uncles, Grandads and her Dad and 2 family friends stand around her and confirm her a member of the Church and give her the Holy Ghost.


And as if that didn’t make the weekend special enough for our family, little Arthur was blessed today in church. In our church, we don’t christen babies. We wait until they are 8 years old for baptism, and we bless babies and give them a name, and then that child becomes a child of record in the Church. They go through the church programs for the children and hopefully when they reach 8 they will choose to be baptised. They get a nice little blessing too at the time of being officially named and Arthur’s Dad blessed him, and in the circle providing the blessing again was all of his Uncles, both Grandads and two family friends.

Both days had a little gathering afterward to celebrate Charlotte and Arthur on their special days, and it was nice to have friends and family around to show them both they are loved!

Today sees Richard back off to college ready to start back tomorrow, and next week the boys will be back at school and life will be back into normal routine after a great Christmas and New Year and some fun family times! Let’s hope next week is just as enjoyable!


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