Find happiness in 2017

2016 hasn’t been the worst year for me. I know it could have been a whole lot worse. And for that I’m so thankful! 

  • I’m still working 🙂 and I’ve actually been in work a heck of a lot more than previous years! So I kind of achieved my goal for the year which was to be in work more. I more than halved my sickness absences and if that’s not an achievement then I don’t know what is! My record still isn’t great but I’m headed in the right direction, maybe 2017 is the year it will work out! 
  • I’ve had so many great adventures and firsts! I should have known it would be a fun year when we got stranded in the snow in Nottingham for a night in January! I’ve been to London. I saw a west end show, Wicked! of course! I went to Harry Potter world. I was a tourist in my own country for 2 weeks and it was great! One of my best friends came over from Canada to visit and we had an amazingly fun time! We saw Harry Styles home town and the bakery were he worked, took a train to the top of snowdon, visited church history sites in Preston, we went to Lyme Park and dressed up, Cheshire ice cream farm for ice cream, Rhyl, Conwy, Londonnnnn! I had a great time with Laura and Pam and didn’t want them to leave! 
  • I went to the Temple 🙂 and I love it there. 
  • I was a bridesmaid for one of my bestest friends Ashleigh! Got to be part of her crazy dance idea for her husband too haha! And then when she finally came back up to Liverpool we found out she was expecting a new little addition to the family! And I can’t wait to meet the handsome little man in 2017! 
  • Ive had fun days out with friends and family. Ive really found out who my friends are this year, and not in a negative way! So many people have been there for me and helped me. I definitely have great friends and family. I’ve been out for meals, the beach, the pine woods, to see the Grinch in Sefton park, weddings, conventions, dances, safari park, bbqs, I was in a play!, baby showers, parties etc etc etc. I’ve loved it all! 
  • I got a new car! I miss my Jef don’t get me wrong, and I hope he is happy now with a new owner, but Deb is great! She’s beautiful! And I’m looking forward to many more adventures and car music videos with her! 
  • I made a wig with my hair! Cross that of my bucket list! Best thing I’ve ever done. It felt so good to be able to give something to help someone else, and all the support I got with sponsors was amazing! I raised over £500, thank you! And I like my short hair now! Think it needs a trim again soon, it’s starting to grow out fast!

So yeah, life has been pretty fantastic at times. It’s been a great year for positives, and it’s had its down sides too. But so does every year. And it’s best not to dwell on them, to smile about the good times and move on to the next year. I hope I have many more adventures and good times in the next 365 days, I hope I keep strengthening bonds with family and friends, and I hope my health improves. 

Merry 2017 everyone, may it be better than last year, and as I’ve said before to everyone who reads this, I hope you have a happy 2017! I wish you not what you want this year, but what you need. That whatever life throws at you, you will have the courage, strength and determination to face it, and do so with a smile. That way, you’ll find happiness even in the sad times. Much love to you all! Xx