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How it’s all going…

I’ve not published a blog for quite a while, I keep writing things out and then just not posting. So I thought it was about time I update!

Life is going great! 

I’ve managed to start building up my exercise tolerance in the hope that it will help me stay in work a lot longer than I have been this past year or two. I started wall climbing/bouldering and I LOVE it! It was such hard work at first but then it’s a high impact exercise that doesn’t feel like I’m running a marathon but I can definitely still tell I’m pushing myself and working hard without agrivating my asthma. So I kept at it, the sore hands and aching muscles eventually died down and now I try to go a couple of times a week to build up my stamina and strength. It’s working great. And as a bonus, it’s helping to shed some of the steroid weight I gained! 

Speaking of steroids…I got off long term steroids about a month ago now…and still going strong! Since I started taking steroids almost 2 years ago (either short courses really regularly or long term doses) I piled on the weight. No matter what people said about how good I looked etc I knew myself that I’d gained about 2 stone, and went up in dress sizes. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. It can’t have been good for my health and I knew that it was more than just the steroids. So I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve managed to lose over a stone since I got out of hospital in February 🙂 I’m not what I used to be, but I’m no longer the heaviest I’ve ever been. And so I’m happy with that. I’m obviously going to keep up the healthy habits I’m trying to develop and hopefully I’ll get to the point where my body is meant to be. But for now, I feel so much better in myself and I seem to have so much more energy. It’s great! 


I’ve got my social life back! I’ve been out with friends, I’ve been to different things, I’ve been to the theatre a few times, the cinema, a spa evening, shopping, meals out, days out walking etc etc etc and I am really enjoying it. I felt like I started losing my hobbies and stopped enjoying myself before my last admission. I avoided doing a lot of things for the fear of being around sick people in the winter, I was scared of overworking myself and getting run down, I was always feeling ill, sometimes even just a little bit, but it was always there and I didn’t want to make it any worse. So I stopped going out, I stopped having fun, and I let being sick take over. But not anymore! 


I’ve baked a cake! 😀 I love baking, but I’m still a little nervous that it can cause my asthma to flare up. The flour and icing sugar aren’t great for me to work with, but I did it anyway and I’m still here to tell the tale! 


IM BACK AT WORK! Not in the office, actually back on the ward, wearing my uniform, looking after patients, doing what I worked so hard to do! It feels amazing! I actually walk around smiling. Work is quite busy at times and although people are trying to protect me and keep me from being too busy, I am loving what I’m getting to do. I love that there’s things I can help with, and there’s always things to do. I love that I’m with patients, and I really love that I can use what I’ve been through for better. I definitely feel like I’m using my experiences to influence how I am at work. But it could also just be that I’m so happy to be back working and contributing that I’m doing everything willingly, I’m happy to help out and do what I can. 


So as you can see…life is pretty great. I’m back to looking forward to things that are planned, I’m heading back to Canada in June, I’m spending time with family and friends, I’m working, and I’m doing things I enjoy. I still have to take a whole load of medications, I still have tests and appointments, I still worry at times, but it’s fair to say that right now, finally, I am loving life 🙂